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The old Saygon than never ceases to amaze

Ho Chi Minh: The old Saygon than never ceases to amaze

By: Alex Who

Ho Chi Minh City, (Official name since July 1976 and previously known as Saigon), is Vietnam's largest urban centre. It started its life as small town in the Khmer Empire with a Fort and modest river port. Fast Forward several centuries, today Ho Chi Minh City hosts a population around 14 million and covers an area of more than 800 square miles.

Nha Trang, The Reed River City

A day In: Nha Trang

By Alistair Johnson

Enjoys today's highest reputation for seaside resorts, this beautiful city was originally the center of worship of the goddess Yang Po Ino Nagar, the mother Goddess of the coconut and sea clan.

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From the Great Buildings of the colonial era to today's date

Hanoi: Meet Old and New in a single package

By:Alex Who

From the Great Buildings of the colonial era to today's date where new centers are continuously developed and business streets and districts are challenging the landmarks of the old city.In this articles we will tell you what's, were, about the old town, the pagodas and temples, museums and what we liked the best of this ever-changing yet still enchanting city with a turbulent past.

Interesting Facts

What Not to do in Vietnam


What Not to do in Vietnam


Do not plant your chopsticks upright in your rice bowl: your fellow diners will be reminded of the joss sticks burnt for the dead.


Do not attempt to overtake a funeral if you are driving your rented scooter as this is seen as an act of disrespect for the family of the deceased, (which my turn even violent). Just wait and take the first turn and steal a march from there.

Here are a few specialities not to be missed while visiting Vietnam


Food not to be missed

Among the many local specialties not to be missed while visiting Vietnam try the pho made in the old and typical small food outlets, (the ones for the locals).

Pronounced (fur), this is a soup originally from Hanoi, often served for breakfast made of beef, (or also chicken in some cases), served with rice noodles, coriander, ginger and in a bone broth.

Incomparable range of fruits


Incomparable range of fruits

Papayas, cinnamon apples, pomegranates, pomelos, strawberries, lychees, coconuts, jackfruit, pineapples, mangoes, watermelons, rambutans, jujubes, persimmons, custard apples, sapodillas, dragon fruit and logans eaten on their own or Vietnamese style with salt and chili.




In Confucian philosophy, virtue is attained trough knowledge and study. Down the centuries, Confucianism moulded the Vietnamese educational system, particularly inaugurating the competition of scholars, which was previously the road to rank in the civil service.