A day In Nha Trang

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A day In Nha Trang

A day In : Nha Trang

By Alistair Johnson

Nha Trang has seen a radical transformation in recent years from a simple fishing village into the most acclaimed beach hangout of the Khanh Hoa province . Infact it is probably one of the most popular places for its resorts in the all Vietnam.

The primary shoreline, which extends for 7 kilometers to Nha Trang (or fairly, by it) has staggering beautiful hideouts where everybody can discover rest and help for their privacy. This amazing coast, joins sentiment, solace, peacefulness and solidarity with nature. The vast majority of these shorelines are worth an excursion from the main city, you can even indulge and stay for a couple of days in one of the many lodgings.

From the Spectacular Notre Dame Cathedral, the musical drama house and old mail station to the workmanship deco structures of Donh Khoi Street, there are numerous sights from the French Colonial period.
The Markets of Ben Thhanh and increasingly neighborhood Binh Tay are extraordinary spots to get a feeling of the city. Ho Chi Minh City has an abundance of historical centers and exhibitions, while pagoda seekers could spend days in Chinatown alone.

Talking about a trip in South East Asia, we should always keep in mind the weather as this is a very important factor for the point of view of a traveler. This part of Vietnam for instance gets a good amount of rain during and between the months of November / March. If you like me like to do surfing activities, (or at least try), then there is a good probability to find steady solid waves, however, be reminded that if you are not a good swimmer, swimming at any of these beaches might ends up an awkward and even risky business.

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Nha Trang Main Beach

Despite reading some mix of reviews and comments over the internet about this beach, I decided that I wanted to have a look and I have to say that I found it a quite an attractive place with lots of amenities. Not to mention the comfort of having a beer in one of the many cafe' and bars while comfortably seating in a terrace truly "by the beach". The Sand is clean, especially if compared to other beach cleanliness standard in other South East Asian beaches. In my two days here I have noticed a constant back and forth from what I guess I could call a "beach cleaning company". Ultimately, the sea water is clear and clean from debris or other plastic objects as I have found somewhere else in my travels in Indonesia.

On one side of the beach there is an area for the water sports such as jet ski and para-sailing, (this last one is unmissable if you are ok on taking the risk, the view from the sky is, to say the least, breathtaking). Most of the major Hotels in the city are to be found right on this area, however, if you want to have more privacy or skip the occasional beach vendor, then the northern part of the beach is where you should be heading. I have also noticed that the southern side of the beach is more exclusive and most of the Hotels have their own private beach with umbrellas and sun beds but for me, this is already a paradise, no need for VIP pass.

7 km long beach in Nha Trang

Bai Dai Beach

This is a good place to come with your motorbike, if you have rented one, if you haven't you can reach it via taxi, it will be about 20 minutes, (depending by time of the day and local traffic). he name is what in Vietnamese means for Long Beach, and as you might have already grasped, it's long, very long, I believe it must be more than 10 Kilometers at least. This used to be a military area in a not so distant past, not surprisingly it is not as developed as the Nha Trang main beach area. Still you can find a few local restaurant that serve decent seafood, a cafe' were to sit and rest after walking for sometime, (couple of miles?), and surprise...the coffee served by the somewhat unusually super-friendly young Vietnamese waitress, (Phuong), was excellent. I noticed that the waves here are pretty good for surfing, this was also confirmed by Phuong who told me her boyfriend does teach surfing to foreigners.

On my second day here I was astonished by seeing way more tourists by the beach, (I got here at lunch time), I have also noticed that somehow the clean sand was not so clean today, (a few bottle here and there).After a visit to Phuong Cafe' and a chat I found out that the previous day it was not very busy as most of the Hotels Services were working at the lowest level, (some sort of National Holiday I understand), however, today life is back as normal and many more tourists had chosen to take a taxi ride here to spend a day blessed by the blue sky and the hot sunshine.

Doc Let Beach

Doc Let Beach

Another long beach, maybe not so long as Bai Dai beach, this one however is much more distant from Nha Trang, (about 50 kilometers), so, unless like me, you love to have a ride on a scooter under a scorching sun, then definitely get a cab, also consider this more as a destination to spend the day. Did I mention that you can also get here by boat? Expect to see a classic tropical and exotic scenery with palm trees, pools, umbrellas, big hotels and restaurants of all levels, moreover, white sand and crystal clear waters.

Jungle Beach

A long way from Nha Trang, (about 60 kilometers), yet to visit this shorelines is unquestionably justified as it is by far one of the best beaches aI have been. The scenery is pleasant with tropical nature, mountains, wilderness, a 15 foot waterfall. This is a good place for a couple to rent a bungalow and spend a few days.

Paragon Beach

Paragon Beach

Despite the fact that this is a place belonging to an Hotel that goes by the same name, yet all guests can access it for free, (there is only a charge for using a beach chair and umbrella). This beach is definitely more, let's say upscale, you can see around a different style also in the construction of the buildings, (mainly villas), and in the type of "clientele" from both the foreign and the locals whom like to be seen around here as a sign of "high rank". Paragon Beach is not far from the Cable Car, (Vinpearl Cable Car is a 3,320 metre long gondola lift, which links Hon Tre Island with Nha Trang). All in all this is a good place for a family holiday, (the sea is almost like a pool), it is quite and peaceful but attractive at the same time.

Interesting Facts



Prices are flexible

Bargaining is almost a ritual, so you have to be ready to negotiate the price, at the hotel, as in a taxi or at a restaurant.

Vietnam Military Installations


Don't do it

Do not photograph military forces or if you see them in act or installations, (bases), as this is seen as a threat to national security

Your Valuables


Your Valuables

To play always safe it is suggested to leave money, airline tickets, documents and valuables in the hotel "safe".

Vietnamese Karaoke



At the top of the most peculiar things that you might experience is an improvised Karaoke session made "on the go". Imagine a pickup truck or a motorbike with a big speaker mounted on top, a mobile phone or a tablet and that's just about what you need to see a bunch of noones instantly becoming popstars. Ho..and by the way, nobody cares if you ar good or not, what it really matters is that you sing, otherwise....well, as usual, you might lose your face. Expect some extravagance and do not expect Vietnamese to be intonate. It ain't happen!

Vietnamese & the Sun


Vietnamese & the Sun

Because of the Vietnamese mentality most of the women, (but also lots of men), despite the scorching heat and the bright sun, dress up with long trousers, jacket, gloves, socks, face mask and hat if not helmet. All this just because of their belief of being "as white as possible". You will be amazing to see this but is actually a common habit. Basically the only time you see them at the beach is when the weather is stormy and is raining, if there is a large portion of the beach covered with shadow or in the evening just before sunset. No to mention that is common use to take swim fully dressed in trousers and long sleeves.

The cultivation of coffee in the central highlands of Vietnam has come a long way since the first coffee seedling was introduced by French colonizers over a century ago


Coffee King

The cultivation of coffee in the central highlands of Vietnam has come a long way since the first coffee seedling was introduced by French colonizers over a century ago. Today irrigation systems are the maximum of drip-drop Israeli technology. The same applies to real-time updates of raw material prices. Simply dial from any Vietnamese mobile phone the abbreviation "CA" combined 8288 to receive almost instantly a message with the prices of the Robusta on the London Stock Exchange and the Arabica in New York. A specialized data supply company is in charge of this. Today Vietnam is the second coffee producer after Brazil, of course the first of Robusta. A staggering growth that was partly the origin of the collapse of coffee prices worldwide in the 1990s.

The Binh Chau Hot Natural Springs


Hot Springs

The Binh Chau Hot Natural Springs have such hot water that the Vietnamese go there not only to admire them but also to cook eggs, (naturally boiled). It seems that taste is a delicacy.