The Best Street Food in Bangkok

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Where to eat The best street food in Bangkok

Where to Eat: The Best Street Food in Bangkok

By Marta:

Walking around Bangkok, the kingdom of street food.

Interest in street food has grown incredibly in recent years. There is no self-respecting city in the world that does not organize a street food festival at least once a year.

But there are few countries where street food has deep roots and rooted as in old Siam. Every day in Thailand millions of people take their places on the streets, turning them into real restaurants with tables and chairs. Every hour of the day and in all weather conditions they serve bowls overflowing with food.

It is impossible to guess the variety and quantity of street food in Thailand, there are so many raw materials and so many ways to prepare them that just making a list would become a very serious thing. These street chefs miraculously transform a few ingredients into incredible dishes with crazy tastes, using simple cooking equipment.

For Thais eating out is part of their culture - they do it at least once a day - which is why there are food vendors everywhere. Markets are the beating heart of the community; at the market we go to meet, talk and eat.

Wat Pho - Morning Street Food

At every corner of Bangkok there is a steaming food stall. Food is sold in train and bus stations, under bridges, even in the Temples. From one side of the Chao Praya (the river that divides Bangkok) there are particularities and excellences, incredible combinations and surprising dishes. Each neighborhood has its own specialty and people with a single mission in life: serving hungry customers. These skilled street chefs have nothing to envy to those super licked gourmet restaurants, indeed!

Where to eat The best street food in Bangkok.

Khao San

Famous for being the Backpackers district, it has so many things to offer from the culinary point of view. One of the best "Khao soi gai" the fabulous soup from the North with chicken, curry, coconut milk and fried noodles, I tasted it here in Samsen rd. But there are a host of other good things to taste, such as grilled fish or "yam pla muek" a super spicy and delicious squid salad.

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China Town

China Town is the Mecca of Bangkok street food, a feast for the eyes and the palate. At sunset, hundreds of stalls appear on the sidewalks and start to fry, chop, boil, something unbelievable. A dream for lovers of street food and confusion. In China Town everything is eaten, from the strangest foods such as shark fin soup, swallow nests, insects of all shapes, to super delicacies. One of the specialties (there are so many) is the "Khao Kaeng" which is nothing but rice with curry and the best place in all of China Town to eat it is from "Khao Gaeng Jake Puey". At 4.00 pm every day (except Mondays) various kinds of curries are served to be enjoyed sitting in the chairs available. But be careful not to lose sight of your stool, as the proverb "whoever goes to Rome loses the seat". How to reach Khao Gaeng Jake Puey with -> Google Maps

Khlong Talaat

Another incredible place to eat high quality food is at Pad Khlong Talaat, the famous flower market. Getting lost in the streets of the market is a must. In this place the quality and variety of vegetables, fruits and flowers will make you gape, not to mention the amount of goods that invades the market every day.

Have breakfast in the middle of the orchids with the Pah tong Koh - The elongated version of our donuts - accompanied by a coffee, is truly exceptional. How to reach the market -> Khlong Talaat

Jay Fai

On the other hand, if you want something different out of the ordinary then you must go to Jay Fai also known as "the Queen of street food". A seventy-year-old very active lady, winner of the prestigious Michelin Star street food 2017 (there are two in the world, the other one is located in Singapore). The "giant crab omelette" is her workhorse. This is one of the best things I have ever eaten. Crispy in the outside, soft and tasty inside. A delight, which at least once in a lifetime should be tried. Here's where it is -> Jay Fai

The battle from the Government against street vendors is getting tough, markets are gradually being replaced by modern skyscrapers like the legendary Sukhumvit Soi 38 dismantled in 2016.
It's hard to believe that Bangkok might become another Singapore, where you can not eat on sidewalks anymore. If this would happen, the city of the Angels would lose some of its charm and become another city without a soul.

Street Food - khao San


Khao San

Famous for being the Backpakers district, it has so many things to offer from the culinary point of view.

Street Food - Khlong Talaat


Pad Khlong Talaat

The famous Flower Market.

Street Food - Pah Thong Koh


Pah tong Koh

The elongated version of our donuts.

Street Food - Crab Omelette


Jay Fay

Crispy in the outside, soft and tasty inside.